b'1631012BOROVANSKY (Australian) Ballet Company & Associated Musicians 1959-60: collection of autographs on pages. Noted Edward Borovansky, Garth Welch, Robert Pomie, Jeffrey Kovel, Barbara Chambers, Joan Rolez, Naomi Allwood, Ramona Ratas and others.$100150 1013ARTISTS & DESIGNERS: autographs on philatelic items comprising Archibald Prize winner William Dargie (2), Peter Trussler (4), Richard Linton (2, one beneath ship photo) & AR Timbs (2), graphic designer & paper money artist Bruce Stewart (4) and designer Ken Cato (8); all neatly presented within 6 display folders. (6 folders)$100200 1014PERSONALITIES & PROMINENT CITIZENS: eclectic selection of autographs on philatelic items including businessman and Linfox owner Lindsay Fox (62 items) plus signed colour photo (16 x14cm); entrepreneur and philanthropist Dick Smith signed1008photograph holding reptile (12 x 18cm) and signed Reptile &(6) plus a signed colour image; singer Little Pattie (9) plus Amphibians first day cover; designer and illustrator Richardmonochrome photo (24 x 19cm) with dedication signed Patricia Beck (2) plus hand-drawn greeting card; former Red Cross Chiefxx; Broadcaster of the Century John Laws (4), plus autograph Commissioner Leon Stubbings (4); also Olympians Dawn Fraser,in gold ink on monochrome photograph (24 x19cm) and a Ron Clarke & Loraine Crapp; former Chief Scout Sir John Youngsignature on John Laws Morning Show letterhead; all items plus signed colour photo (24 x19cm); rock n roll singer Johnnyneatly presented within display folders. (44 folders)OKeefe (2), few other items signed by prominent religious$200300 figures; all items neatly presented within display folders (100+ signed items in 37 folders)$2003001018ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: autographs on philatelic items 1015 comprising singer-songwriter Brian Cadd (18) plus signature GOVERNMENT & POLITICS: autographs on philatelic coversbeneath photo (15 x 10cm); presenter Greg Evans (16) plus comprising Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen longest serving Premier ofa unsigned photo; television host and commedian Tommy Queensland (2) plus autograph on colour photo (18.5 x 14cm),Hanlon Jr (11, one also signed by Bruce Ruxton) plus signed Senator Lady Florence Bjelke-Petersen (8) plus autograph onmonochrome photograph (24 x 19cm) with autographed monochrome photo (16.5 x 10.5cm) and signature on Australiadedication to recipient; TV gardening presenter Kevin Heinze Senate letterhead; former Governor-General of Australia Sir(18, four items additionally signed by RAN officer, artist & poet Zelman Cohen signed colour photo (12.5 x 15.5cm), Sir JohnDacre Smyth); television chef & actor (played Mark Hammond in Buchan, co-founder of APEX and former State and FederalSkippy) Ken James (27); rock singer-songwriter Col Joye (40) President of the Australian-American Association (3); Sir Markplus a signed monochrome photograph (24 x 19cm); all items Oliphant scientist and former Governor of South Australia (9)tidily presented within display folders. (62 folders & one binder)plus signature on small monochrome photo (9 x 12cm); all items$200300 neatly presented within display folders. (29 items in 11 folders)$2003001019PRIME MINISTERS - GOUGH WHITLAM: autographed 1016 monochrome photograph (21.5 x 16.5cm), plus signatures on EMINENT MILITARY FIGURES: autographs on philatelic itemsfifty decimal era first day covers; all neatly presented within 19 including Dambusters pilot Air Marshal Mick Martin (3),display folders.Bruce Ruxton (2), Dacre Smyth (6), Air Marshal Sir James$300400 Rowland, military aviation artist Ray Honisett (2), plus British decorated WWII fighter pilot and philanthropist Leonard1020Cheshire VC (5); also signed 1998 letter from former Governor ofPRIME MINISTERS - JOHN HOWARD: autographs on three NSW Sir Roden Cutler VC mentioning the imminent publicationAustralian Prime Ministers first day covers, neatly presented of his biography, Victoria Cross and George Cross Associationwithin display folder. Vendors annotations on reverse of Christmas Card from Charles Jack Upham signed Mollyfolder suggest they were signed during the 2001 Tampa & Jack, plus a few covers signed by scientist and AntarcticAffair refugee crisis when Howard refused permission for the explorer Phillip Law; several covers with multiple signatures, allNorwegian ship Tampa, carrying rescued refugees, to enter items neatly presented within display folders. (50 signed items inAustralian Waters.26 folders.) $120160 $160200 1017 1021PRIME MINISTERS - MALCOLM FRASER: autographed ENTERTAINERS & BROADCASTERS: autographs on philatelicmonochrome photograph (24 x 18cm), plus signatures on 19 items comprising sports commentator & broadcaster Mikedecimal era first day covers; all neatly presented within 6 display Jesaulenko, you beauty Williamson (36) plus signedfolders.dedications to the recipient and to his wife; TV presenter Jamie$200300 Redfern (17), rock n roll composer & TV host Johnny Young'