b'57379370 Label verso Mr Thomas Rowan, 35Grassed By Mr Staples. Eildon Weir On Australian Navy black uniform withCollege St Hawthorn, Royal Liner Gothic,Large Fly. Taxidermy By A.C. SLAMEN, tunic, trousers and hat name H.M.A.S.Catalogue No.860, Sculpture, Tel.622 Collins St.,SUPPLY, mid 20th century. WA.2012, 9GNS 42cm high, 90cm wide, 21cm deep$10020033.5 x 68.5cm $400600$200300 371 380 Australian Navy uniform with white376 LADY SOPHINA scratch built model tunic, trousers and hat name H.M.A.S.Australian Navy uniform black dresssteamboat made by LES BRYANT of WATSON, mid 20th century. uniform with tunic, waistcoat, trousers,Auckland New Zealand, 20th century,$100200bib and hat name H.M.A.S. NIRIMBA,95cm longmid 20th century. $400600372 $100200Australian Navy uniform with white381tunic, trousers, blue bib and hat377 SEA SHELL scratch built model tallship name H.M.A.S. LONSDALE,A facsimile print of a clipper shipin case with makers plaque Sea Shell, mid 20th century. in Tasmanian huon pine frame,circa 1852, Restored By Don Armstrong, $10020020th century, Surrey Park Model Boat Club,62 x 85cm overall the case 42cm high, 56cm wide, $20030022cm deep373 $250350 Australian Navy group including,378uniforms, duffle bag, hat bands,A hand-built model yacht on stand,382ribbons, ropes, blanket, brushes etc, mid 20th century (19) late 20th century, BEN LEXCEN ship builders half model $10020078cm high of APOLLO III designed by Lexcen for $150250ALAN BOND. Apollo III raced in the Admirals Cup in England. Together with 374 379 two framed items, circa 1980s.Australian Navy overcoat,These three items came from the office mid 20th century. Rainbow Trout taxidermyof Ben Lexcen in Sydney, Australia.$60100display in wall mount109cm long (3)case with hand-written$1,0001,500 card captioned Rainbow 375 Trout (Salmo Iridius), The SS GOTHIC diorama wall plaque,Weight 7lbs. Sex Female, circa 1954.The Gothic was built in 1947 by the Shaw, Savill & Albion Steamship Co. and was then re-fitted for King George VIin 1952 and it became The Royal Yacht. Queen Elizabeth used the yacht on her Coronation Royal tour to Australia and New Zealand in 1954. 380'