b'99601 605ADVERTISING: Two Victorian ruby glass ceiling lights, Advertisement (34 x 16.5cm) 19th century,for T.C. Williams Co., the larger 30cm higha tobacco manufacturer based $400600 in Richmond, Virginia, which also produced cigar boxes and tobacco tins 606branded Welcome Nugget. TheMONTROSE COTTAGE BALLARAT.artwork, circa 1865, depicts a miner withAn antique English folding chair with one hand raised holding a gold nugget.original floral upholstery, 19th century,Words near the miners mouth show45cm across the arms.dialogue: Jack! Look at this.He holds a pick in his other hand, and aPROVENANCEshovel is stuck in a pile of recently dugEureka Museum, Montrose Cottage, earth. In the foreground is a rock withBallaratengraved words, while the background$250350 depicts a mine processing plant with an elevated railway. 607Engraved words on the rock read: AsMONTROSE COTTAGE BALLARAT the Welcome Nugget, weighing 2217oz.,four framed advertising prints pertaining exceeds in purity & value, any lump ofto the EUREKA MUSEUM in Ballarat, gold ever found, so this brand surpassesVictoria, plus a collection of prints in quality any tobacco made. and lithographs in a folio mostly The Welcome Nugget was the namegoldfields related.given to a world famous large goldthe largest framed item 43 x 57cm (qty.)nugget, weighing 2,217 troy ounces$200300 (68.98 kg), that was discovered at Ballarat, on 9th June 1858. At the time it was the largest alluvial gold nugget608ever discovered, until the slightly largerSet of scales and assorted brass weights,601Welcome Stranger (71.018 kg), wasearly 20th century,found nearby in 1869. the base 21.5cm wide$300400 $100150 602 609 611Two sets of antique brass weights; cupA pair of pressed glass oil lampsMIKE HAMMOND (attributed)weights stamped J. BELCHER and runwith embossed Greek key motif,Australian sterling silver mining statue up to 16 Oz Troy; the hanging weights inearly 20th century, mounted on mineral specimen,50 gram increments, (2) the larger 44cm high overall (2) 8cm high$80120$80120$120200 603 610 612VICTORIAN GOLD FIELDS: MIKE HAMMOND Australian sterlingOPAL Potch collection, Australian.The Gold - Fields of Victoria. Reports ofsilver mining statue mounted on$100200 the Mining Registrars for the Quartermineral specimen,Ended 31st March, 1887; dated makers plaque on the base ditto, for the Quarter Ended 30th June,circa 1979,1887 and for the Quarter Ended 30th13cm highSeptember, 1887. $150250 [THE SECRETARY FOR MINES; Compiler.Melbourne; John Ferres, Government Printer; 1887.]With numerous maps, charts and cross-sections. (3 vols.).$150200 604GOLD MINE SHARE CERTIFICATES: Sept.1893 certificate for 100 shares in the Diamond Hill Gold Mining Company of Bendigo; also, Dec.1893 certificate for 100 shares in the North Comet Gold Mining Company of Bendigo. Both framed & glazed. (2 items).$100150 599'