b'1821155"Martin Sharp cartoons: a selection from Oz, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Honi Soit, Tharunka, etc"$3005001156MARTIN SHARP [1942 - 2013] Catalogcontinued No.3, [published by Reid Books, 1971]. Extremely rare.Vincent appears as talisman on the cover of Catalog produced in 1971 for a show of Sharps work in Sydney. The 36-page exhibition guide, which Sharp likened to a digestive process, is a confessional scrapbook built organically, at the end of each day, from his handwritten meditations, passages cut from books and papers, reviews of his work, and snippings of cartoons and photos set against a churning backdrop of sinuous line work and rogue outgrowths of globular matter.I was exploring the idea of verbal collage and visual collage and each night Id just sit down after working during the day getting the exhibition going, it was very like a digestive process. Id just stick a few words down on a page and itd grow and itd reach a certain density, theres no sequence to read things in, no particular order. How many different worlds one could find, and so you start finding, building up a layer of different sentences and pictures and expression. And suddenly youd start to find that there were strange connections between very disparate works. Its connections like these that become very interesting. You realise that a lot of people reach similar conclusions from enormously different doorways which theyve entered into.Im very interested in coincidence, and coincidence 1155 obviously happens all the time, so when a coincidence happens, it often belongs to a different, completely different world to the ordinary world we live in, it doesnt apply in that rationale at all. Martin Sharp, interviewed by Albie Thomas, c19801151 $300500Ned Kelly - Being His Own Story of His Life and Crimes published by Hawthorn Press 1942. Introduction by Clive Turnbull with transcript of a letter written by Kelly to Donald Cameron M.L.A. on 14th December 1878; unpaginated, hardbound with slipcase. Limited edition numbered #154 of 175, signed by Turnbull, decorative illustrator Adrian Feint and designer John Gartner; some light spotting.$100150 1152HOBBIES ILLUSTRATED ANNUALS: 1946 - 1949,[Sydney : Dunvegan Publications],4 volumes, h/c; mixed condition.$100150 1153The Great Jubilee Book by Feldmann (1951); A Camp-Fire Yarn by Henry Lawson (1984) A Fantasy of Man by Henry Lawson (1984); The Hours of Etienne Chevalier by Fouquet; plus 4 other books. (8).$50100 1154ION L. IDRIESS: The Red Chief [Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1953] signed and endorsed by the author on the title page, together with the autograph of Russell McDonagh (photographer). Accompanied by a 55 page hand-written manuscript of notes relating to the book and other related ephemera.$100200 1156'