b'118728728 private school in St Kilda, which continued to operate until 1931. COLONIAL SCHOOL The school was named after her home village in Switzerland, and the institution gained a reputation for its French culture. Together A Coastal Scene (believed to be Port Phillip Bay) with her husband, Madame Pfund was one of the important oil on canvas, 19th century, patrons of Tom Roberts. Around this time Roberts also painted 48 x 71cm several portraits of Madame Pfunds husband, James.in fine period gilt frame. $2,0003,000 $1,0001,500731729 AFTER S.T.GILLJOHN MATHER (18481916) Bushmans Hut,(A River Estuary), watercolour on card, early 20th Century,watercolours on paper, signed R. Mather lower right, 17.5 x 25cm.16.5 x 52cm. $200300 $400600 732730 CHARLES HUNT (18291900)THOMAS CLARK (BRITAIN, AUSTRALIA, The Belle of the Hunt,C.18141883) (ATTRIB.) aquatint with hand colouring,(At the Estate of Madame Pfund, Mount Macedon),[Louis Brall, London, 1869],c1868, 60 x 88cm.watercolour, $300500 19 x 27.5cm.PROVENANCE 733The estate of G. Page Cooper, auction at the Melbourne TownELIZABETH MACARTHUR-ONSLOW (18401911) Hall, July 1936. (ATTRIB.)Joshua McClelland attended the auction and wrote a review(Sydney 1838)which was published in The Argus on July 10, 1936.Clark arrived in Victoria with his family probably in 1852;watercolour on paper, laid-down on canvas, c1870,according to the Examiner and Melbourne Weekly News,27 x 36cm.18 August 1860, he had been well known amongst us(Annotated verso Sydney 1838. B. Onslow, Esq.)for several years past and many of his paintings were inElizabeth Macarthur Onslow was born at Camden Park in 1840, squatters homesteads. Certainly he had several pictures inthe only child of James and Emily Macarthur and granddaughter the exhibition of the Society of Fine Arts in February 1857. Hisof John and Elizabeth who had established a fine wool industry in status established, he was commissioned to paint a portraitNew South Wales. In 1867 she married Captain Arthur Onslow of Sir Henry Barkly, governor of Victoria in 1856-63, whichand they had eight children, of whom five sons and one daughter was presented to the government in 1868 and is now in thesurvived to adulthood. Her husband Arthur died in 1882. After National Gallery of Victoria. In 1869-70 he was briefly instructorthe death of her uncle, Sir William Macarthur, in 1882 Elizabeth in figure drawing at the Carlton School of Design. In 1870 ClarkOnslow inherited Camden Park. Ten years later Elizabeth officially was appointed drawing-master in the newly-created School ofchanged her surname to Macarthur Onslow. She was patron of a Design connected with the National Gallery. number of voluntary organisations including the Camden School The Swiss-born Madame Elise Pfund (18331921) was the wifeof Arts and the Camden Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial of James Pfund, the architect and Victorian Surveyor-General. InSociety, which held the first Camden Show in 1886.1867 Elise Pfund established Oberwyl, a highly regarded girls$5001,000 '