b'1751100 1104AN 1857 TASMANIAN LAND GRANT AN 1870 VICTORIAN LAND GRANT BY PURCHASEAugust 1857 land grant to Robert Thirkell, of 189 acres in theDecember 1870 land grant to EDWARD FLETCHER of an Parish of Longford, County of Westmoreland Tasmania, signedallotment in LYGON STREET, CARLTON, signed and sealed by and sealed by the Governor, SIR HENRY EDWARD FOXthe Governor, Viscount CANTERBURY (John Henry Thomas YOUNG. (The price of 1 per acre is detailed in manuscript and aManners-Sutton). (The price of 106 is detailed in manuscript map illustrating the grant is shown at left; also signed by Williamand a map illustrating the grant is shown at left.) 35 x 45cm.HENTY, Colonial Secretary. 40 x 59.5cm. Viscount Canterbury was Governor of Victoria from 1866 to Robert THIRKELL died in 1876 at the age of 85 at his residence1873. The suburb of Canterbury was named in his honour. The in Launceston. The published obituary described him as apiece of land in Lygon Street was between Macpherson St and colonist of 56 years standing, having arrived in Tasmania alongFenwick St., just opposite Melbourne General Cemetery. When with the late Mr. T. C. Simpson, of Macquarie River, in 1820.Fletcher passed away in April 1893, he was still living at the Thirkell assisted Simpson to select his estates on the Isis andterrace house he built there.Macquarie Rivers, and after the decease of that gentleman,$300500 Thirkell leased the Newham Park Estate for upwards of thirty years. At that time the aborigines of Tasmania were a numerous1105body, but Mr. Thirkell always treated them kindly, and as aTAYLOR, Alfred Swaine, MD FRS (1806-1880),consequence was never molested by them, although he wasAn 8 page a.I.s from a practitioner in Geelong to Dr A.Taylor who frequently brought into contact with them. He amassed aappears to have been experimenting with paraffin or kerosene very considerable fortune, having acquired the Darlington Park,in solution. Also enclosed are 3 small papers that he has Pickthorpe, and Woodstock estates, which were respectivelyexperimented on with pencilled notes.inherited by his three sons, George Thirkell, James Thirkell, andAlso an a.I.s from REESE, John, the American editor of the 7th Robert Thirkell. He also left a widow and three daughters. Heedition of Dr Taylors book A Manual of Medical Jurisprudence was considered a first-class farmer and breeder of stock, and asto Dr Alfred Swaine Taylor, dated 20th of August, 1874.far back as 1861 he obtained a first prize at the Longford ShowDr Taylor, toxicologist and medical writer was considered for a bullock reared and fed by himself which turned the scale atthe father of forensic medicine and an early experimenter in 1743lbs. photography (he developed the use of Hyposulphate of lime as $300500a fixing agent). Noted as an expert witness in several murder cases and often wrote articles for various medical journals 1101 including The Medical Gazette of which he was the editor.AN 1858 VICTORIAN LAND GRANT DURING THE GOLD RUSH $150200 October 1858 land grant by purchase to JOSEPH BALL of an allotment in CASTLEMAINE, signed and sealed by the Governor,1106SIR HENRY BARKLY. (The price of 39/5/- is detailed in manuscript. 35 x 45cm. Three Broinowski Australiana engravings,The land in question, suburban lot 11, was a town allotment35 x 28cm (3)of 1 rood, (just over 1000 square meters or the traditional$120200 quarter acre block). Gold was discovered near present-day Castlemaine (Mt Alexander Goldfields) in July 1851 at Specimen1107Gully on Barkers Creek. The gold was discovered by Christopher Thomas Peters, a shepherd and hut-keeper on Barkers Creek.Australia and New Zealand Vol. 2 by Anthony Trollope [1876]; Castlemaine became a boomtown and by the end of the yearAUSTRALASIA by A.R.Wallace [1883]; Official Record of there were more than 25,000 diggers working in the area. the Proceedings of the Australasian Federation Conference, BARKLY was appointed governor of Victoria in November 1856,1890; Factry ands by Edward & Will Dyson [1918]; Maori with the highest salary in the British Empire because the ColonialWitchery by C.R. Browne [1929]; plus 4 other volumes. Office considered the post particularly difficult. He remained inMixed condition. (9)the post until 1863 when he was moved to Mauritius. $100150 $300500 11081102 EMERALD HILL Band Of Hope chromolithograph temperance ENGLISH INTEREST: Three original Acts of Parliament,movement membership certificate to George Thomas Schollick comprising July 1814 re the East India Company; March 1864(No. 1481), June 4th, 1877. Emerald Hill is now goes by the re Sir John Laird Mair Lawrence to receive the full Benefit ofname South Melbourne. 15 x 16.5cmthe Salary of Governor General of India.; and July 1864 An$120200 Act to facilitate.the obtaining of Powers for the Construction of Railways. also, a Nov.1893 letter from the George Jennings Sanitary Engineers Co. to H.H. The Thakore Sahib of Gondal (re1109an unpaid account) and a 1913 invoice from Harrods, Ltd. (5) Grandmammas Verse Book For Young Australian, Part 1 by $100150Mrs. Meredith, [Hobart, Tasmania, 1878]$300500 1103SMITH, Philip 1110AN ANCIENT HISTORY FROM THE EARLIEST RECORDS TOINDIA: A range of early real photo postcards (mostly Nilgiris, THE FALL OF THE WESTERN EMPIRE. Coonoor, Ootacamund), various signed letters, incl. Mar.1910 [London: James Walton, 1868]. Three volumes, contemporaryfrom Lord Wenlock (Governor of Madras), Lord Elphinstone, etc. calf with gilt borders and emblem of Dorset County School,Mixed condition. (37 items).raised bands, spine compartments with ornate design, red$150200 and green morocco labels, marbled edges and endpapers. With numerous fold-out maps and in-text maps. Front flyleaf with inked prize presentation: Divinity & Mathematics.June 22nd, 1869.$150200 '