b'104633SARGISONS Australian silver soup ladle with gumnuts and leaf decoration, Tasmanian origin, 20th century,stamped Sargisons, STG SIL,with reverse B and E workmans monogram,30cm long, 160 grams$300500 634Boxed set of six Australian sterling silver teaspoons retailed by Carmelle in Perth,10cm long, 65 grams total$120200 635SARGISONS Australian silver pair of salad servers, Tasmanian origin, 20th century,629 stamped Sargisons, STG SIL,with reverse B and E workmans monogram,629 631 24.5cm long, 150 grams (2)BURKE & WILLS Arrival of Burke,An unusual Australian silver paper knife$300500 Wills and King at the deserted camp atwith stingray barb blade, by CLAUDE Coopers Creek, Sunday evening, 21stSARRE of Adelaide, South Australia,636April 1861 silver plated repouss copperearly 20th century, SARGISONS Australian silver pair panel after the 1907 painting by JOHNstamped SARRE, SILVER, of salad servers, Tasmanian origin, LONGSTAFF which now resides in the37cm long 20th century,National Gallery of Victoria, $8001,200 stamped Sargisons, STG.23 x 33.5cm, Tasmanian oak frame 30.524.5cm long, 128 grams (2)x 41cm overall 632 $300500 $150250 Citroen Car Club Of Victoria silverplated trophy circa 1926, 637630 engraved Citroen Car Club Of Victoria A rare sterling silver topped engravedPetrol Consumption Test, July 17th 1926,SARGISONS Australian silver serving scent bottle with finely enamelled black1st Prize - Formula. Awarded To spoon and cake slice, Tasmanian origin, swan on the lid, made in Birmingham,S. JOHNSON. Actual Mileage 88-61., 20th century,circa 1908, 20cm high stamped Sargisons, Silver,with original stopper, $120200and Sargisons, Hobart,12cm high 21cm long, 94 grams total (2)$1,0001,500 $250350 638SARGISONS two Australian silver condiment spoons with enamel decoration, Tasmanian origin, 20th century,one stamped Silver, Hobart,15cm and 14cm long, 56 grams (2)$150250 639SARGISONS two Australian silver jam spoons, Tasmanian origin, 20th century,stamped Sargisons, Silver, and Sargisons Silver, Hobart,the larger 13cm long, 40 grams (2)$150250 640Set of 6 Australian silver cake forks and spoons with coloured glass bean finials, 20th century,stamped 925 with pictorial markers marks,12.5cm long, 120 grams (12)630 $200300 '