b'106654653649JEWELLERY647 650An Australian Colonial 9ct gold ring in theA goldminers brooch, crossed pick and form of two entwined snakes encrustedshovel with bucket, rope and gold nugget with rubies, 19th century, specimen,pictorial makers marks. stamped South African, 9ct and $1,0001,500 engraved on reverse EDITH,5cm long, 4.6 grams648 $1,0001,500 An antique braided tortoiseshell bangle with 9ct rose mounts and clasp,65119th century, An antique natural garnet mineral 647 stamped 9ct, S.H., specimen bar brooch set in rose gold, 8cm wide, internal measurement19th century,7cm wide 3cm long$400600 $250350649 652A Colonial Australian 15ct gold brooch setAn antique gold nugget stickpin, with seed pearls, most likely Melbourne,19th century,circa 1860s, 6.5cm long, 2.2 grams4.5cm high, 11 grams $120200 $8001,200653An Australian goldminers brooch, crossed pick and shovel with gold nugget specimen and entwined rope, 19th century,5.75cm wide, 6.6 grams$1,5002,500648651'