b'28115ARTIST UNKNOWN pottery mug,8cm high, 10.5cm wide$100200 116Australian pottery jug with branch handle, gum nuts and leaves,21cm high$150250 117NEWTONE POTTERY kookaburra dish,stamped Newtone Pottery, Sydney, Hand Painted,9cm high, 12cm wide$200300 118WEMBLEY WARE kangaroo statue,faint factory mark to base plus original foil label,12cm high, 16cm wide$150250 119BESWICK English porcelain kookaburra statue,stamped Beswick, England,14.5cm high$200300 120STEPHEN BOWERS pottery bowlwith classical decoration,signed Stephen Bowers, Adelaide, Australia, 1989,7cm high, 27.5cm diameter$400600 121HELLFIRE POTTERY jug and gobletwith crocodile decoration,Australian map impressed mark Hellfire,9.5cm and 20cm high (2)$100200122Two antique pearl shells with hand-painted ship scenes, 19th century,14 x 15cm (2)$300500 123'