b'66444437 443 445An Anglo-Ceylonese box, porcupine quill,Surrey Hills Post Office (Melbourne),BILLY HUGHES (7th Prime Minister ebony and bone, 19th/20th century, bronze architectural sign from theof Australia), cast metal door stop, 8cm high, 21.5cm wide, 16.5cm deep Canterbury road branch (sadlycirca 1918,$250350demolished in the late 20th century), 15cm high200cm wide $150250438 $400600 An Anglo-Indian box, teak, ebony and bone, 19th century, 44413cm high, 33cm wide, 23cm deep An Australian folk art carved double $250350picture frame with gumnuts and leaves, early 20th century,439 reverse carved A.D. 1912,24 x 40.5cmFRANZIS EDMOND STRIEZEL $250350(1860-1935) attributed, carved wall clock frame, early 20th century,engraved on reverseFrida From Max, Sept. 1908,39cm high$350450 440An Australian cedar glove box, late 19th century,8cm high, 33cm wide, 11cm deep$120200 441A large Australian serving tray, fiddleback blackwood with chrome gallery and handles, late 19th century,64cm across the handles$250350 442A soda syphon, acid etchedBoon Spa Pty. Ltd. Melbourne, early 20th century,33cm high$80120 446445'