b'98600THE GOLDFIELDS 598 600Eureka Rebellion: A Victorian GovernmentPRINCE OF WALES GOLD MINING AND THE GOLD RUSH Blue Paper Proclamation titledCOMPANY, COBBLERS BALLARAT Disturbances at Ballaarat. Lieutenantlithographic poster, circa 1864, by H. 596 Governor Hotham has the painful dutyDeutsch, Ballarat. With an exterior view of informing the Legislative Council thatof the mine head, interiors of the Quartz A miners pick, four pound solid castserious disturbances have occurred atCrushing & Engine House, an interior brass with later timber handle, Ballaarat. Dated 5 December, 1854,view of the Puddling Machine & Sluicing 81cm high just two days after the stockade. Also,House and two underground cross $100200a Plan Showing the Position of Eurekasections. The shareholders and sleeping Stockade Site - 1870 published byshareholders are listed in cartouches at 597 F.W. Niven; hand coloured. Both itemstop left and right. Overall 55 x 45cm.individually framed & glazed. (2). The State Library of Victoria has a later Australian goldfields group of six cartes$300400version of this poster, with the mine de visite of a theatrical troupe taken incross sections further advanced. Located Castlemaine Victoria, together with anon Cobblers Lead in Sebastopol, the 1852 edition of The London Illustrated599 Prince of Wales Mine was formed News with Victorian gold rush motif onSet of nine antique bell weights in 1862. On 23 June 1863 shares the cover. (7) by W. & T. Avery, 2oz up to 14lb.were quoted on the Melbourne Stock $25035019th century, Exchange at 1,750 each. The Prince the largest 22cm high (9) of Wales Mines closed in 1875 having $200300 yielded 209,071 ounces of gold.$1,2001,500'