b'115715711 715JOHN GOULD (18041881) W.J. WALTON White-bellied Antechinus - Antechinus Leucogaster (from a sketch by Godfrey Charles Mundy)hand-coloured lithograph from The Mammals of Australia,Eagle Hawk Neck (Tasmania)1851, 1852 lithograph38 x 55cm (sheet size); with explanatory sheet. from Our Antipodes; or, Residence and Rambles $150250in the Australasian Colonies.12.5 x 20cm.712 Godfrey Charles Mundy (1804-1860) was a soldier and author who came to Australia in 1846. His book on Australia was JOHN GOULD (18041881) published in 1852. This image depicts a dog line. Following Rusty-footed Antechinus - Antechinus Flavipes numerous escapes from the newly established Port Arthur Penal Station in the early 1830s, Governor Arthur ordered the hand-coloured lithograph from The Mammals of Australia,stationing of sentries at the Eaglehawk Neck isthmus to prevent 1851, escapees from reaching the mainland of Tasmania. In 1832 an 38 x 55cm (sheet size); with explanatory sheet. officer in charge, Ensign Peyton Jones of the 63rd Regiment, $150250suggested that nine dogs and lamps lined up across the isthmus would provide an early warning system for the sentries. The 713 initial idea was for the dogs to counter the noises of the sea and to alert the sentries to any activity. In the 1850s Port Arthur JOHN GOULD (18041881) Commandant James Boyd wrote of the dogs: many of them Swainsons Antechinus - Swainsoni have not been off the chain for years and are consequently very hand-coloured lithograph from The Mammals of Australia,savage. The dogs remained in use as a deterrent to escape 1851, by this route until the late 1870s when the Port Arthur penal 38 x 55cm (sheet size); with explanatory sheet. settlement was closed.$150250$100150714 716JOHN GOULD (18041881) COLONEL GODFREY CHARLES MUNDY (180460)Long-haired Rat - Mus Longipilis four lithographs, c1852,hand-coloured lithograph from The Mammals of Australia,Ophir Gold Mine1851, Fording the Ball River38 x 55cm (sheet size); with explanatory sheet. Summerhill Creek near Langs PointIllawarra, A Salt Lagoon$150250all from Our Antipodes: or, Residence and Rambles in the Australasian Colonies. With a Glimpse of the Gold Fields.and all approx. 11 x 18cm each.Mundy had accompanied his cousin, Governor Sir Charles Fitzroy, on several tours which had taken him to Victoria,Van Diemens Land and parts of New South Wales.$200250 '