b'55340 (Detail)340343 348 351Whalebone glove stretcher, bodkin,PANSTWOWE PRZEDSIEBIORSTWOPHILIPS 10 inch needle case and Stanhope (missing lens),WYDAWNICTW KARTOGRAFICZNYCHChallenge Globe on black 19th century, (Warsaw, Poland) impressive 20 inchplastic stepped base, circa late the glove stretcher 16cm long (4) globe, detached wooden stand, dated1930s, 33cm high including stand.$1502501959, globe 56cm tall, stand 23cm tall. $150200 $200300 344 352A taxidermied saltwater baby349 GROUP OF GLOBES with Philips 10 crocodile mounted on wooden cross,PHILIPS 13 inch Terrestrial Globeinch on stepped plastic stand; Konomura late 19th century, on 22cm diameter wooden base, circa(Osaka, Japan) 8 inch on wooden stand, 95cm long late-1920s, 44cm high including stand. Tokyo Kyozai Co (Japan) 5 inch on painted $120200$250350wooden stand, Atlas 8 inch on stylized cratered moon plastic stand. (4 items)345 350 $200300 An Anglo-Indian teak trunk with ironPHILIPS 13 inch Terrestrial Globe on handles, dovetail construction with pineblack plastic stepped base, circa late base, early to mid 19th century, 1930s, 42cm high including stand.37cm high, 80cm wide, 43cm deep $200250 $300500 346GEOGRAPHIA 8 inch Celestial Globe with semi-meridian in brass, on an ebonized wooden base, early 20th century, 37cm high including stand.$250300 347COLUMBUS VERLAG PAUL OESTERGAARD K.G. (Berlin & Stuttgart) 14 inch Columbus globe, W. Kaden editing cartographer, 22cm diameter wooden base, circa 1950s, 49cm tall including stand.$200300 338'