b'39202PAMELA blue glazed pottery jug with applied gumnut, leaf and branch handle,incised Pamela, 1934,13cm high$400600 203REMUED pottery fruit bowlwith applied branch handle,incised Remued 91LH,27.5cm diameter$250350 204REMUED pottery vase with branch handle, two gumnuts and leaf,early pink and green glazes,incised Remued, Hand Made, 193LM,13.5cm high$400600211205P.P.P. (Preston Premier Pottery) jug 208 210with hand-painted cottage scene,circular factory mark P.P.P., REMUED pottery bowl, REMUED green glazed pottery vase12.5cm high, 15cm wide vase and two jugs, with applied branch, gumnuts and leave, $250350the bowl signed Remued 149, plus additional ribbed form,the tallest 14cm high (4) incised Remued 196/9M,206 $15025022.5cm high, 16cm wide$400600REMUED fan shaped pottery vase with209applied gumnuts, branch and leaf glazedREMUED blue glazed tall pottery jug 211in green and cream,incised Remued with shape code, with incised decoration, REMUED squat green glazed pottery 12cm high, 22cm wide marked Remued 45L, vase with applied branch, gumnuts$25035024.5cm high and leaf,$250350incised Remued, Hand Made 173LM, 12.5cm high, 19cm wide207 $400600REMUED barrel shaped pottery vase with branch handle,incised Remued, 142,15cm high$120200 204 210'