b"89599An Australian cedar hall table with single drawer, Melbourne origin, circa 1885,73cm high, 137cm wide, 59cm deep$200300 600W. H. ROCKE & Co. MELBOURNE Australian Colonial cedar two door chiffonier with curved scroll back, two cushion moulded drawers and internal cellarette drawer, circa 1860,pine secondary timbers with pressed brass manufacturer's label to the interior, 160cm high, 136cm wide, 54cm deep$1,0001,500601An antique Australian cedar chest of five drawers with Baltic and kauri pine secondary timbers, 19th century,106cm high, 99cm wide, 52cm deep$600800602602604An antique huon pine wine table, Tasmanian origin, circa 1870,72cm high, 40cm wide, 34cm deep$400600 604 605An Australian blackwood revolvingAn antique Colonial shield door 603 desk chair with red leather upholstery,stationery cabinet, Baltic pine, An expanding timber coat racklate 19th century, South Australian origin, 19th century,with porcelain studded pegs,ex Public Works Department,120cm high, 95cm wide, 42cm deeplate 19th century, Melbourne, $250350 30cm high, 70cm wide 69cm across the arms$200300$400600596"