b'64479 485A fine pair of Australian timber urns,A pair of folk artspecimen wood with turned lids,shell bookends,circa 1900, Queensland origin,17cm high (2) early-to-mid 20th century,$15025017cm high (2)$120200 480 486Two Australian vintage mulga wood tobacco jars, 20th century, A pair of mulga wood 14cm high (2) bookends, urn, desk set $120200match holder and two tobacco jars, early to mid 20th century,481 the largest 17cm high (7)A pair of Australian specimen wood$120200 Art Deco bookends together with a specimen wood serving tray,48720th century, A vintage Australian the tray 39cm wide (3) fairground Laughing Clown, $150250early-to-mid 20th century,82cm high. 48cm wide, 482 52cm deepAn Indian carved timber tray, huon$3,0004,000pine vase and sugar bowl, turned492banksia vase, mallee root vase and an487aAustralian specimen wood lidded bowl,ROEBUCK ROCKING HORSE, 20th century Australian made, mid 20th century, 48962cm wide (6) 100cm high, 125cm long$200300$1,2002,000BONNY SAMPI carved boab nut, Western Australian origin, mid 20th century,483 488 signed Bonny Sampi,Souvenir New Zealand Woods turnedFairground ice cream point of sale14cm highsmokers stand, 20th century, clown statue, painted papier-mch,$120200 51cm high, 21cm diameter mid 20th century,$15025089cm high 490$300500HERMANNSBURG SCHOOL 484 boomerang hand-painted with emus in An Australian specimen timber yard rulelandscape, mid 20th century,together with a Queensland silky oaksigned verso Aboriginal Hand Crafted, set square, early 20th century (2) Hermannsburg, Central Australia,$12020046cm long$120200 491A kookaburra Japanese porcelain condiment set, circa 1930,stamped Japan,13cm wide (4)$80120 492STOKES & SONS: original stainless steel medal/plaque showing the classical image of a discus thrower on the obverse and a winged angel of peace on the reverse., believed to have been a proposal associated with the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, 37x48mm. Ex Stokes & Sons archive.$200250493A SALVATION ARMY HOME LEAGUE banner,made by Evan, Evans, Melbourne; circa 1950s,84 x 130cm.479 $60100 '