b'209795968989 92A stunning Australian yellow goldWENDT 9ct yellow gold bangle set with memorial locket brooch adorned withred stones and seed pearls, housed kangaroo and emu in fern foliage,in original plush box marked J.M. 91 19th century, WENDT, ADELAIDE, clasp stamped 3.7cm high, 12.3 grams total 9 with circular crown mark,$2,5004,500 6.5cm wide, 12.2 grams total$1,0001,500 90An antique 15ct gold bar brooch93with glass cylinder of opal chips,An antique 9ct gold fob chain, 19th century, late 19th century,stamped 15ct, stamped H.H.S.,5.3cm wide 40cm long, 20 grams$300500$8001,200 91 94WENDT yellow gold ring set withA Colonial cameo brooch set in high rubies and diamonds, Adelaide,carat yellow gold mount adorned South Australian origin, 19th century, with leaves, most likely Melbourne, stamped WENDT.9, mid to late 19th century,$500700 2.7cm high$400600 '