b'24139131146126 131 136An unusual antique cameo brooch set inAn antique cameo brooch in 9ctAn antique 9ct rose gold bar brooch a high carat gold frieze, 19th century, Australian rose gold mount, late 19thset with blue stone and seed pearls, 5.5cm wide, 6.5 grams total early 20th century, late 19th century,$400600stamped 9 flanked by kangaroostamped 9ct with pictorial marks,and emu marks, 5cm wide, 5 grams total127 later safety chain, $250350 4cm highARONSON & Co. (Melbourne), double$300500sided antique photo pendent, 9ct yellow137gold set with turquoise and seed pearls,Various 9ct gold fobs, etc., comprising circa 1900, 132 of a map of Australia, an A.N.A.,4.5cm high PROUDS 15ct rose golda Freemasons set-square and compass, $400600antique napkin clip engraved W.C.S., a hair-locket and a photo locket. stamped Prouds, 15ct, Approx. 13gms total. (5 items).128 3.5cm long, 3.7 grams $300400 F.A. FLINT name brooch, 15ct yellow$250350 gold set with seed pearls to read138MAY, circa 1900, 133 Two sterling silver brooches (lacking in original velvet case marker F.A. FlintWILLIS & SONS of Melbourneback clips) circa 1900; one depicts Watchmaker & Jeweller, Hobart, antique 15ct gold floral broocha kangaroo in a landscape; the other 4.5cm wide, 3.3 grams total with green stones and seed pearls,with Fighting Bobs and engraved $300500late 19th century, South Africa. (2).stamped 15 flanked by pictorial$150250 129 marks,An Australian 9ct gold brooch4.5cm wide, 4.6 grams 139with three boomerangs, kangaroo,$250350ARONSON & Co. antique 15ct gold star emu and kookaburra, 19th century, pendant/brooch set with seed pearls, 4cm wide, 1.3 grams 134 19th/20th century,$200300SIMONSEN of Melbourne (attributed),pictorial markers marks to back,antique crescent shaped bar brooch,4cm wide, 6.1 grams130 15ct yellow gold set with graduated$400600seed pearls, circa 1900,SIMONSEN Australian 9ct gold4.5cm wide, 2.4 gramskookaburra brooch, $200300140stamped 9 flanked by pictorial marks, An antique Australian crucifix pendant, 3cm wide, 2.3 grams 9ct yellow gold with green stones and $250350135 seed pearls, late 19th century,SIMONSEN of Melbourne antique4cm high, 2.7 grams9ct gold locket set with red stone,$250350 late 19th century,remains of anchor mark visible,4cm high, 5.4 grams total$500700 '