b'116755 756RAILWAYS & TRAMS752 755THE MELBOURNE & RIVER MURRAY RAILWAY: HAROLD EMANUEL FREEDMAN (19151999),The 30th Dec.1858 contract between Cornish & Bruce, theWomen of Service (the porter),railway construction company, and Benjamin Richardson, Thomas Stroud and Joseph Goodyer of Ravenswood, for thecolour lithographic poster, circa 1947,construction of the portion of a main line of Railway calledposter No.245 for Victorian Railways,the Melbourne and River Murray Railway between Melbourneprinted by F.W. Niven. Linen backed,and Sandhurst with seventeen pages of details of the101 x 64cm.project, the schedule of agreed fees for excavations, cuttings,The rarest of the images in the series.digging of ditches, stripping and stacking soil and creating$1,0001,500embankments. Signed and sealed by all parties, with an intended completion date of 14th September 1859. 756$300500HAROLD EMANUEL FREEDMAN (19151999),753 Men of Service (the locomotive designer),NEW SOUTH WALES GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS: A groupcolour lithographic poster, circa 1947,of August to November 1886 Carriers Way Bills issued atposter No.248 for Victorian Railways,ALBURY Station. Goods described include maize, paper,printed by F.W. Niven. Linen backed,wire, cabbage, drapery, etc., headed to or from Melbourne.101 x 64cm.(17 items). Extremely rare image.$100150$1,0001,500754An early tramways tin with key, late 19th early 20th century,22cm high, 23cm wide, 15cm deep$150250 '