b'83571 572A Colonial Australian farmhouse kitchenA pair of antique spade back dining table, Baltic pine with blackwood legs,chairs with sabre legs, Baltic pine, South Australian origin, 19th century, Barossa Valley, South Australian origin, 74cm high, 192cm wide, 81cm deep 19th century, (2)$300500$400600563566An Australian cedar kitchen dresser base, Bendigo, Victoria, 19th century,84cm high, 181cm wide, 59cm deep$1,0001,500567An Australian miners couch, cedar and eucalypt, mid 19th century,105cm high, 188cm wide, 66cm deep$8001,200 568Rare Colonial waterfall front bookshelves, Australian cedar with remains of leather dust strips, New South Wales origin, circa 1850,201cm high, 147cm wide, 37.5cm deep$2,0003,000 569An antique kitchen dresser, Baltic and kauri pine, Barossa Valley, South Australian origin, 19th century,174cm high, 107cm wide, 47cm deep$600800570A Colonial cedar floor standing corner cabinet with Baltic pine backing boards, South Australian origin, 19th century,202cm high, 93cm wide, 50cm deep$8001,200 569'