b'137914RICHARD BECK (19121985)OLYMPIC GAMES MELBOURNE28 NOV - 8 DEC 1956,colour lithographic poster,signed in the plate at lower right,printed by Containers Limited,Melbourne.Laid down on linen,102 x 65cm.The iconic full-sized official poster.$8001,200915MOVIE DAYBILL POSTERS: Selection of Australian releases including Squizzy Taylor, King of the Coral Sea starring Chips Rafferty (2), Mods and Rockers, Nickel Queen starring Googie Withers & John Laws, Sunstruck starring Harry Secombe; few others. (8)$80120 916AUSTRALIAN RELEASE MOVIE POSTER: The Brave One, lithographic day-bill, circa 1960,framed & glazed 94 x 51cm overall$60100 917FILM POSTER:Picnic at Hanging Rock,UK poster painted in gouacheby Brian Bysouth, 1975,75 x 100cm.(framed & glazed: 83 x 115cm).$200300 921918MELBOURNE NEWSPAPER - The SUN: 921A painted The Sun sign on metal (46 x 121.5cm), DRUCKMA PRESScirca 1970s; also, a The Sun News-Pictorialsign on corflute (92 x 46cm), circa 1980s. Exhibition poster,The Sun, established in 1922, was mergedlithograph,with its sister newspaper, The Herald in 1990;94 x 73cm (sheet size)the combined paper became The Herald-Sun. text continues Exhibition, Melbourne University Gallery,$8012024 Feb. - 11 Mar. 1981The concept of Druckma Press originated in Paris in 1974 919 when George Baldessin and John Robinson discussed the possibility of setting up a print workshop in Melbourne. In mid ROCK & ROLL: 1976 the Druckma Press was established. George Baldessin, RADIO BIRDMAN BLITZKREIG, John Robinson and Les Kossatz were the founders. They original poster for Sydney dates, printed their own works as well as editioning for other artists. signed by Warwick Gilbert, It ceased to operate in 1982. No other examples of this poster numbered 260 of 500 at lower right, are known to us.overall 102 x 70cm. $5001,000$100200 920CIGARETTE ADVERTISING:A three-sheet Marlboro Country poster, circa 1980.each sheet 150 x 102cm. 150 x 300cm overall,$200300 '