b'60405 409An Australian serving tray, silkyAn Australian blackwood oak with cedar and pine star motif,compendium desk tidy, Queensland origin, early 20th century, early 20th century,53cm across the handles 19cm high, 32cm wide, 12cm deep$200300$200300 406 410An Australian serving tray, silky oakA Tasmanian blackwood lidded urn, with cedar and pine lozenge motif,circa 1880,Queensland origin, early 20th century, 21cm high, 15cm diameter53cm across the handles $150250 $200300 411407 An Australian serving tray with Two huon pine shop display hat stands,chip carved geometric decoration, 19th century, early 20th century,56cm and 60cm high (2) 46cm across the handles$600800 $120200 408 412An Australian fiddleback blackwood ovalAn antique Australian picture picture frame with folding brass stand,frame, fiddleback blackwood with late 19th century, Queensland maple slip and child 20.5cm high portrait photograph, circa 1900,$20030038 x 33cm overall$150250416413An Australian timber jewellery box with tumbling box design, acacia, huon pine and kauri pine, circa 1900,11.5cm high, 29.5cm wide, 12.5cm deep$150250 414An antique Australian box, kauri pine inlaid with fiddleback blackwood chevron, 19th century,12cm high, 31cm wide, 16cm deep$200300 415An Australian blackwood box with fiddleback panels, Tasmanian origin, circa 1900,18cm high33cm wide, 18cm deep$200300 416An antique book box, Queensland walnut and black bean, early 20th century,24.5cm high$600800417Three Australian timber boxes, blackwood, cedar, Tasmanian oak, Queensland walnut and others, 19th and 20th century,the largest 15cm high, 27cm wide, 407 15cm deep (3)$120200 '