b'146962962CHARLES HENRY THEODORE COSTANTINIwas granted a free pardon by Governor Thomas Brisbane and (18031860), he returned to England.Portrait of Frederick George Page, Shortly after his return to England, however, he was found ink, watercolour and gouache on paper, guilty of thieving two 5 notes and was banished to Van signed lower right, Diemens Land for seven years. His entry in the Convict 20 x 18cm., Departments conduct register describes him as disposed with original manuscript details attached versoto be very troublesome. Dispatched to the penal station at Frederick George Page Born December 8th, 1843Macquarie Harbour, he was put to work in the hospital as Portrait taken in Aug. 1849, a dispenser of medicines but attracted the attention of the presented in the original birds-eye huon pine frame. settlements commandant, James Butler, who in January 1828 wrote to the colonial secretary of his intention to Also, a Page family Birthday scripture book in which the datesemploy Costantini in making sketches in order to afford of birth of many family members are recorded by hand. His Excellency an idea of this Station and its Localities. He Costantini (also Constantine, Constantini and Costantine)managed to receive his certificate of freedom in March 1834 was a Paris-born surgeon of Italian descent who was twiceand by 1838 was in Launceston, advertising his availability in transported to the Australian colonies in the 1820s. In the firstthe Cornwall Chronicle for the execution of portraits in the instance, as Theodore Constantine, he was convicted at themost correct style, also, views, and sketches of gentlemans Old Bailey of stealing jewellery and had his death sentencefarms, &c. He died in Hawaii in 1860.commuted to transportation to New South Wales for life. He$8,00010,000arrived in Sydney in September 1823 and in August 1825 he'