b'65494 504 506BYRAM MANSELL DreamtimeOddments including a Boer War songR. HARRISON of FITZROY stoneware screen print on silk, circa 1960, sheet, a 19th Century bible with mapsginger beer bottle, and a pair of tramp 110 x 170cm of the Middle East, a 1945 boundart picture frames, late 19th and $600800volume of Punch, various flour sacks, anearly 20th century, (3 items),INXS picture disc, etc. Mixed condition. the bottle 22cm high495 $60100$60100 COMMONWEALTH SAVINGS BANK group of eight coloured ceramic piggy505 507banks, 20th century, AUSTRALIAN FEDERATION 1901Antique bronze kangaroo and koala 9cm high, 15cm wide (8) Doulton Burslem teapot (a/f), trench artminiature statues, blackwood $200300brass shell, BLINKY BILL engravedeggcup, wooden dish and pottery jug, silver plated mug, BLUEY & CURLEY19th and 20th century, (5 items),496 glass ashtray, and an antique carvedthe kangaroo 6.5cm highSKIPPY THE BUSH KANGAROO emu egg (a/f), (5 items), $100200 two plastic souvenir plates, two mugsthe shell 12.5cm highand two tie clips (6 items), circa 1970 $60100 $100200 497A pair of carved wooden kangaroo bookends, mid to late 20th century,21cm high (2)$60100 498Two Australian hand-made timber boxes, late 20th century,the larger 17cm high, 48cm wide, 29cm deep (2)$100200 499Five Australian ceramic animal ornaments mounted on mallee root, 20th century,the largest 41cm high (5)$150250 500ROYAL DOULTON John Shorter character jug,limited edition 705/1500.Note: Kangaroo handle.Signed by John Shorter on the base,11cm thigh$80120 501Crown of thorns picture frame, together with a chip carved Good Luck serving tray, late 19th and early 20th century, the frame 33 x 30cm, the tray 60cm across the handles (2 items),$120200 502A Maori miniature canoe, carved wood and paua shell, New Zealand, 20th century,101cm long$250350 503A fiddleback blackwood picture frame with gilt slip, 20th century,91 x 147cm, internal 65.5 x 121.5cm$200300 487'