b'100666An unusual Australian folk art kitchen table, mountain ash and kauri pine with marquetry specimen wood inlaid top including cedar, blackwood, elm, ash etc., circa 1930,75cm high, 145cm wide, 81cm deep$600800667An Australian Art Deco step bookshelf, hardwood and chrome with glass cabinet door, circa 1930s,68cm high, 102cm wide, 24cm deep$300500668Two Australian carver chairs, blackwood and Tasmanian oak, early 20th century, (2)$120200 669A rare Australian turned timber table lamp, early to mid 20th century,32cm high$400600670664 PLANET cream standard lamp, circa 1960s,160cm high664 665 $120200 An Australian Art Deco bookcase withA vintage fire screen, embossed brass two drawer base, Queensland maple,and copper with kookaburra design,671silky oak, blackwood and hardwood,circa 1930s, PLANET standard lamp with original Queensland origin, circa 1930, 65cm high, 82cm wide brown finish, circa 1960s,125cm high, 76cm wide, 25cm deep $200300170cm high$400600 $120200 667'