b'61418 426A tea caddy, pair of compotes, andAustralian Aboriginal a barrel shaped box, blackwood,hand-painted turned Tasmanian origin, 19th century, wooden mantel ornament, the tea caddy 13cm high, 14cm wide,mid 20th century,10cm deep (4) 18cm high$120200$120200 419 427Ten pieces of Australian treen and woodA kangaroo statue, ware, 19th and 20th century, bronze finished cast including a rare blackwood tobacco box,metal on timber base, Shott & Son condiments and Tasmanianearly 20th century,silver map items, 14.5cm high overallthe tallest 21cm (10) $100200 $120200 428420 ADVERTISING: Framed labels430A rare Australian cedar floral carvedfor Farmers Union Full Cream clock case, circa 1860 Sweetened Condensed Milk and, The 25cm high Waverley Biscuit Factory - Chocolate $100200Mallo-Cones, circa 1920s, (2 items).29 x 40cm & 36 x 34cm overall.421 $150250 435A floral carved timber panel; togetherMAKERS PLATES: A group of metal with a pokerwork panel, 19th century, 429 plates for ROSS.ROBINS & CO. floral panel 36 x 20cm (2) Two Australian timber money boxesBATH HEATER, Melb; FLETCHER, $100200and a cedar church collection plate,RUSSELL & CO. NEW RAPID HEATER; 19th century, (3 items), McKENZIE & HOLLAND, Melb.; 422 the plate 24cm diameter ECKERSLEY & SONS, Melb.; W.M. An antique Australian fiddleback$100200WHITE, Melb.; HARTLEY & SUGDEN blackwood walking stick with bootLtd; ALCOCK & CO. Prop Ltd; DIABOLO handle; together with an Aboriginal430 AUSTRAL ENGINE, Adelaide. (8 items).carved snake example, EMU BRAND architectural bronze$250300 19th and 20th century, plaque, early 20th century,89cm and 82cm high (2) 31 x 31cm 436$150250$200300 BADGES: A range including Rocky Starr Man of Stamina, Walters 423 431 Puffs, The Argus SUPERMAN Club, Two walking sticks, one snakewoodCHARTER HOUSE lobby notice3SR Sunny Radio Club, Peters Pals with silver collar inscribed Presentedboard cabinet, copper and brass with3XY, etc. (12, all different).To A. HESFORD On His PromotionTasmanian oak interior, circa 1920, $150200 To Sub Inspector By His Comrades87cm high, 56cm wide, 5cm deepAt Castlemaine, the other fiddleback$500750437blackwood, early 20th century, HENDERSON & GOODISSON:83cm and 92cm high (2) 432 THE BEEHIVE STORES, BENDIGO: $120200CASCADE BEER blackwood beer barrelBrass printing plate, circa 1900, for the bookends with sterling silver map ofwell-known Bendigo store; made by the 424 Tasmania plaque, early 20th century, Morris Manufacturing Co, Box Makers, A tobacco cutter, iron and redgum,12cm high Melbourne. The plate bears the By 19th century, $120200Special Appointment Coat-of-Arms by 29cm across which Henderson & Goodisson made $120200it known that they had Vice-Regal 433 recognition. 30.5 x 30.5cm.ARTIST UNKNOWN hand-painted gum$100200 425 leaf, early 20th century,MAY GIBBS Gumnut babies curtain,11 x 16cm 438circa 1920s, $80120ADVERTISING: Framed labels for screenprinted on cotton,Tasmanian apple producers, c.1920s: with original brass hanging rings, 434 Haven by H. Jones & Co., Soccer 175 x 69cm. Brand by Paterson & Co., Golden $300500SAFE MANUFACTURERS METALKey by Peacock & Co., Boomerang PLATES: Chubb & Sons; T. Pitt && Pinnacle by H. Jones & Co. Co. Melbourne; M.G. Dyke & Sons,(5 items),Richmond; J.L. Kelly, Melbourne;each approx. 34 x 40cm.& M.G. Dyke & Sons, Melbourne. (5 items). $250300 $200300 '