b"58390FORGET ME NOT antique carved emu egg with carved scene of Aboriginal hunting kangaroos, circa 1900,12cm high$400600 385 391ST. KILDA CITY HALL souvenir miniature carver chair,Two antique emu eggs with carved late 19th century, vignettes, late 19th century,4.5cm high the larger 13cm high (2)$300500$400600 386 392RUDOLF PRENZELAn antique wall hanging pipe rack, carved timber kookaburra statue, chip-carved with monogram, incised on the base RUDOLFlate 19th century,PRENZEL, 1935, rare, 59cm high, 50cm wide, 15cm deep26cm high $120200 $2,5003,500393387 An antique Rampant Lion A vintage emu car mascot, doorstop, painted cast iron, cast brass on later ebonized plinth,19th century,circa 1930, stamped FURPHY,20cm high 37cm high$300500$250350 388 394An antique cast iron parrotA stunning Australian Arts & Crafts doorstop with hand-painted finish,grandfather clock, solid blackwood 19th century, with carved gumnuts, leaves and 35cm high oyster blackwood veneer dial and $300500 base, early 20th century,191cm high, 48cm wide, 389 37cm deepAn antique Australian floral panel,$1,5002,500oil on kauri pine, late 19th century, 39591 x 35cm$120200An antique lawyer's wig stand, Tasmanian oak and pine, 19th/20th century,87cm high$250350 396Souvenir From Pitcairn Island carved wooden hand with cup, early to mid 20th century,19.5cm high$200300 394 402"