b'46278 283 288UNA DEERBON pottery basket vaseSADIE KENNEDY pottery ginger jarMARTIN BOYD boomerang shaped together with a grape leaf vase with dragon decoration, pottery plate with medieval maiden incised Deerbon, incised S. E. Kennedy, decoration,12cm and 9cm high (2) 14cm high incised Martin Boyd, Australia,$250350$20030028cm high, 29cm wide$80120 279 284 289UNA DEERBON pottery vaseANNIE MITCHELL pottery basket with applied vine leaves, with applied gumnuts and leaves, MARTIN BOYD Australian pottery signature obscured by glaze, incised A. Mitchell.Sth. Aus, charger with Aboriginal portraits on blue 18cm high 5.5cm high, 10cm wide ground,$300500 $120200incised Martin Boyd, Australia.38cm diameter$400600 280 285UNA DEERBON pottery leaf bowlDUNHAM (R.M.I.T. SCHOOL,290with applied fruit and leaves, Melbourne) green glazed pottery jugMARTIN BOYD S. T. C. Radios incised Deerbon, with applied fruit and branch handle, promotional pottery ashtray,20cm wide incised M. Dunham, incised Martin Boyd,$30050011cm high, 12cm wide 11cm diameter$100200$80120 281UNA DEERBON pottery jug with286 291applied floral and butterfly decoration, R.M.I.T. SCHOOL Melbourne, pinkMARTIN BOYD pottery urn incised Deerbon, and burgundy glazed pottery jug withwith cherub handles,13cm high sgraffito farm scene decoration, incised Martin Boyd,$300500 incised signature (illegible), 15cm high, 17cm wide14cm high, 20cm wide $100200 282 $100200 SADIE KENNEDY pottery vase292with floral sgraffito decoration, 287 CARL COOPER Australian pottery bowl incised S. Kennedy, ARTHUR MERRIC BOYD potterywith Aboriginal motifs,17cm high teacup and saucer, incised Carl Cooper, Australia, 1962,$200300incised A. M. Boyd, 16cm diameter16cm diameter (2) $300500$120200 293HAROLD HUGHAN studio pottery lidded pot,signed Hughan with Glen Iris monogram,30cm across the handles$200300 279 281'