b'1801148ALEC KNOXHouses with Trees,oil on canvas, circa 1970,titled on label, verso,91 x 122cm.$2004001149BERNARD HESLING (19051987)Roly Poly Hari Karivitreous enamel on steel,signed and dated 70 lower left,56 x 82cm.$8001,2001150CHRIS ORR,Artist entering his studio at night,1148 etching,editioned 11/V, titled, signed and dated 1971in lower margin,17.5 x 13.5cm.$80120 1151DESIDERIUS ORBAN (18841986)Walhalla,mixed media on board,signed and dated 1971 at lower left,92 x 122cm.$4006001152PETER MATTHEWSKings Beach, S.A.,oil on board,1149 signed and dated 71 lower right,21 x 31.5cm.$100200 1153KEITH JAMES CRAIG NICHOL (19211979),Saltbush Country - South Australia,oil on board,signed and dated 72 lower left,50 x 71cm.$200300 1154R. DAVID HILL,Continental Carlton,hand-coloured lithograph,editioned 1/1, titled and signed in lower margin,38 x 45cm.$200400 1151'