b'115736741 747PLAN OF BONEO SWAMP LANDS THE LONDON to MELBOURNE, MacROBERTSON by Johnstone & Tait, Melbourne, showing landowners,CENTENARY AIR RACE 1934proposed roads and drains; marked-up in crayon. Porcelain hanging plaque by Koninklyk Goedewaagen Gouda Framed, overall 74 x 53cm. (and numbered 183 on reverse), 18.5cm diameter; depicting $50100a stork (Uiver in Dutch) carrying passengers and mail over the route from London to Melbourne, created to celebrate the 742 success of the KLM aeroplane in this important air race.PORT PHILLIP:$400600 Surveyed by Commander Henry L. Cox, R.N. [1864];two later editions, with corrections and additions to 1921748and 1948. Both 102 x 70cm. (2). FIJI: Map of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu Islands to accompany $100150report by H.J.C. Conolly, 1936; the main point being the 743 location of mines, hot springs and the geology of the islands.57 x 57cm linen backed on an oversized roll.ROAD MAPS, 1920s: Some fading and deterioration.The Atlantic Road Map of Victoria, The Shell Road Map of$50100 N.S.W. and The Vacuum Oil Road Guide of South Australia. (3 items).$80120749BP/C.O.R. Road Maps, mid-1950s, for Queensland (1st ed.), 744 South Australia (2nd ed.) & Victoria (2nd ed.); all in superb Shire of Nunawading - Box Hill Riding, condition. Printed by Premier Printing, Melbourne. (3).published by R.L. Jarrett, circa 1925, All 24.5 x 18cm.linen backed, with wooden rods top and bottom, 75 x 101cm. $80120 $100200 745 750TCHELERY HOLDINGS (Pastoral Property), near Moulmein,The Universal Map of MELBOURNE & suburbs, 1963;N.S.W.; circa 1920s, mss map of the name, size and allocationmounted on linen with wooden supports top and bottom,of paddocks, with details of vegetation and water sources. 115 x 86cm.Linen backed with wooden rollers top and bottom. $80120 105 x 87cm.$60100751Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Scheme 1968 wall map 746 by the Melbourne & Metropolitan Board of Works, linen Melbourne and Suburbs by F.S. Hilke, 1923 (1928 edition),backed and with wooden rollers top and bottom, 138 x 119cm.linen-backed, with wooden rollers top and bottom, $100200 152 x 105cm.$100200 '