b'16010431048 10411040 1042AMBROSE ARTHUR (AMBY) DYSON (18761913), CHARLES NUTTALL (18731934),Financial Agreement, The Windmill,pen & ink on artists card, pen & ink artwork on thin card,signed at base, circa 1912, signed lower left, circa 1914,28 x 21cm. 32 x 46.5cm.Artwork for Melbourne Punch or The Bulletin. Text continues: Forward, Sancho! quoth Don Quixote, $100200Let us destroy this thing for which we have neither use nor understanding.1041 Frank Anstey and Alfred Gardiner (Labor politicians) are depicted attacking a windmill representing Constitutional JAMES ALEXANDER CRISP (18791962) Government in 1914.Madagaskar Love Birds - A Study in Green, $200300 watercolour,signed and dated 1913 lower left,60 x 18cm.$300500'