b'22111105104104 109 115ADOLPH KOPP rare cameo broochROBERT ROBERTSON of MelbourneA pair of antique rose cut diamond beautifully carved with female profile9ct rose gold pendant locket setcluster earrings set in 18ct white portrait adorned with grapes andwith tourmaline and diamond,and yellow gold, 19th century,leaves, mounted in 9ct yellow gold,late 19th century, 1.5cm highlate 19th century.3cm high $8001,200Kopp operated from Fremantle and$500700 Perth in Western Australia in the late11619th and early 20th century. He died110 LARARD BROS. antique 9ct rose in 1905 and his wife then married his brother and continued the business.SIMONSEN of Melbourne antique 15ctcurb link bracelet with heart lock, Sadly anti-German sentiment at thegold bangle set with tourmaline and19th century,outbreak of WW1 saw mobs attackseed pearls, 19th century, lock stamped 9 with pictorial marks,the shop and it was finally closed$60080011.5 grams totaldown in 1916. $8001,200 6cm high 111$1,0001,500 An Australian 9ct gold antique portrait117105 cameo brooch, 19th century, An antique Colonial yellow gold stamped with pictorial marksbar brooch with engraved initials LAMBORN & WAGNER (attributed) fine(partially obscured), J.I.O. for JEAN ISOBEL OATES, cameo brooch with winged goddess4.5cm high late 19th century,floating through the sky, set in 9ct$400600 3.2cm wide, 2.2 grams.yellow gold, Melbourne, circa 1860, Oates father, RICHARD OATES 5.5cm high rocketed to fame on the Australian $1,0001,500 112 goldfields with the astonishing Three Australian antique 9ct rosediscovery of the WELCOME 106 gold wedding rings by WILLIS &STRANGER gold nugget at Moligul WILLIS & SONS 9ct gold and garnetSONS, J. STEEL, and W. ROBERTS,in Victoria in 1869, weighing in at horseshoe bar brooch, 19th century, 19th and early 20th century, 94.14 kg which equates to a handsome stamped W. 9 with unicorn mark, 8.8 grams total (3) $7,250,000 by todays value. The 4cm wide, 2.6 grams $400600Welcome Stranger to this day remains $200300the largest alluvial gold nugget ever 113 discovered.107 An antique 9ct rose gold wax filledPROVENANCEWILLIAM DRUMMOND & CO. 15ctbangle, late 19th century, Purchased from Richard Oates gold and New Zealand greenstone fob,8cm diameter, internal 5.8cm diameter granddaughter from Carpenter Street, 19th century, $1,0001,500Bendigo, Victoria, in 1999.stamped W.D. 15, $300500 9cm high including chain. 114$400600 An early Victorian seal on 9ct yellow118gold chain, FISHER antique 9ct yellow gold bangle 108 the chain 6.3 grams set with amethyst, 19th century,An antique 9ct gold and New Zealand$500700stamped FISHER, 9ct,greenstone bar brooch, 19th century, 6.5cm wide, 6.2 grams6cm wide $8001,200 $250350'