b'88594A birdseye huon pine twin pedestal ladies writing desk with original brass handles, Tasmanian origin, circa 1880,77cm high, 107cm wide, 47cm deep$1,5002,500595An antique Australian cedar 8 drawer chest with bobbin turned columns, 19th century,144cm high, 119cm wide, 57cm deep$7001,000 596An antique Australian cedar partners desk with tooled leather adjustable top, circa 1885,77cm high, 167cm wide, 111cm deep$2,5003,500597An antique Australian cedar seven drawer chest with cedar secondary timbers, 19th century,backing boards replaced with ply,594 129cm high, 117cm wide, 51cm deep$450550 598An antique Australian cedar tilt-top breakfast table, 19th century,top has been fixed to base,73cm high, 93cm diameter$200300 600'