b'131Ex 867866 868THE WEEKLY TIMES Wild Nature BookLONDON & ENGLISH TOURISM: The London Underground 1932 colour supplements in original card binding, IN & AROUND LONDON guide for Summer 1932; 30 x 27cm overall Londons Double Deck Buses by Gillham, 1950; a folio of 31 $60100Road Maps of the British Isles issued by Wonderful Britain circa 1930; plus several other items.867 $100200 SIR ERNEST HENRY WREFORD (18661938) 869January 1932, illuminated leather-bound presentation toMELBOURNE SAVAGE CLUB: 190th Smoke Concert, 6th Wreford on the Jubilee of his association with the NationalMay 1933: programme with humorous cartoon front cover Bank of Australasia; presented by the members of the Nationaldepicting the SMATIONAL BUNK on the occasion that E.H. Bank Staff Club: congratulations upon the completion ofWreford (Chief Manager of The National Australasian Bank) your fiftieth year of service with the Bank, and we expresswas the guest of honour.our sincere hopes that you and Mrs. Wreford may be granted long life $100150 also, a leather-bound dinner menu on the April 1935 occasion of a dinner at the Australian Club to celebrate Wrefords870retirement as Chief Manager of The National Bank ofThe Victorian Centenary Book 1834-35 - 1934-35,Australasia and after his 53 years with the bank.A Series of Records of People and Firms at the Time With 52 signatures, including Sir Harry Chauvel, Sir Jamesof the Centenary,Elder, Sir Frank Clarke, David York Syme, Harry Gordon[Tavistock Press,Geo.A.List & Sons, Geelong.],Darling, and others associated with Wrefords long career. 312pp, profusely illustrated; handbound.Both items with gilt decorations and embossed with$100150 Wrefords initials.PROVENANCEThe Estate of E.H. Wreford; thence, the family, by descent. (2)$1,5002,500'