b"219810010295 98 101HARDY BROS. (SYDNEY), 18ct yellowWILLIS & SONS fine antique bangle,A.H. THOMAS pair of rose gold gold stickpin set with a diamond15ct yellow gold with crescent and starshield shaped cufflinks in original head and retaining its screw fitting todesign set with red stones and seedretailers plush box marked A.H. enable it to be worn as a dress stud,pearls, 19th century, THOMAS THE LEADING JEWELLER, fully marked for Hardy Brothers andstamped 15,W. with unicorn mark, QUEENSTOWN, late 19th century,in original retailer's plush fitted box,6.5cm wide, 10.6 grams total 8.5 grams total (2)19th century, $1,2002,000 $400600 6.5cm long, 4.3 grams total$400600 99 102WILLIAM DRUMMOND & Co.A Colonial antique cluster ring,96 Melbourne, antique 15ct yellow goldyellow gold set with three green An antique bar brooch, 18ct yellow goldring set with three red stones anddemantoid garnets surrounded by set with a sharks took, 19th century, diamonds, 19th century, diamonds, late 19th century, rare.4.5cm wide stamped W. 15. D., $4,0005,000$300500 3.8 grams total$30050010397 An antique 18ct gold bar brooch with A Colonial 15ct gold necklace crescent100 crown, 19th century,and star necklace set with seedFIRE BRIGADE: 15ct gold fob (6.7gms)possibly the work of Fischer, Geelong,pearls, most likely Melbourne origin,depicting a two-wheeled hose cart on5.5cm wide, 4.6 grams19th century, the front; verso engraved CLUNES$350450 42cm long, 14 grams total FETE 1887 * Hose Practice 8 Men : $1,0001,500 FIRST PRIZE Won by W.J. Hawkes.$250350"