b'120791PHOTOGRAPHS 789AUGUSTINE E. DYER.BRITISH NEW GUINEAFifteen original albumen photographs, taken during the 785 Expedition of the Australian Squadron to south-east New CHARLES NETTLETON (18261902) Guinea, October - December 1884. Dyer was the Australian Great Melbourne Telescope, Observatory (close up) & Government Printing Office photographer who went to British Observatory, c.1880, albumen prints mounted on NettletonNew Guinea with John Paine (a studio photographer), for the cards with his printed details below the images. purpose of recording the British annexation of the territory. He Each image 13.5 x 20cm (approx.) Mixed condition. travelled more extensively with Paine in 1884 through PNG $200300visiting Port Moresby, Motu-Motu, Kerepunu, South Cape, Dinner Island and Teste Island.(15) all approx. 23 x 29cm.786 PROVENANCELINDT, John William, photograph display containingThomas H. Knott, fleet surgeon, H.M.S. Nelson; Melbourne. six albumen prints attractively mounted in green card,(Launched in 1876 and completed in 1881. She sailed for the 19th century Australia Station after commissioning and became the flagship $200300there in 1885. Knott joined the Nelson in June 1881.Other images taken by the photographers Dyer and 787 Paine can be found in the book Narrative of the CHARLES NETTLETON (18261902), Expedition of the Australian Squadron to the south-east coast of New Guinea, October to December 1884 by Queens Wharf, 50 Ton Crane, Victorian Goods Shed,Commodore James E. Erskine. [Sydney: Thomas Richards, Victorian Railway Station and Melbourne & Hobsons BayGovernment Printer, 1885].Railway Pier c.1880, $5,00010,000albumen prints mounted on Nettleton cards with his printed details below.Each image 13.5 x 20cm (approx.) 790Mixed condition. (5) Antique photo album in a somewhat dilapidated state housing $200300and array of cartes-de-visite and cabinet portrait photographs including numerous Australian photographers, 19th century,788 $200300 CHARLES NETTLETON (18261902)The front cover of a volume titled Nettletons Photo-Views of Melbourne & Suburbs together with 45 albumen prints mounted on Nettleton cards with his printed details below which had been loosely inserted; c.1880s.Each image 13.5 x 20cm (approx.), Includes Bourke Street (Looking West), Albert Park Lagoon, Wool washing on the Yarra, Queens Wharf, etc. Mixed condition. (46 items).$400500'