b'26158168170167155 160 164An Edwardian 9ct gold pendant setARONSON of Melbourne antiqueMAPS OF AUSTRALIA: Three with garnet and seed pearls, circa 1910,bangle, rose gold finish over copper,different 9ct gold brooches, all with a later chain. early 20th century, featuring maps of Australia, one The pendant 2.5cm high stamped 9ct copper lined, surrounded by boomerangs, one $2503509cm diameter with the map over a boomerang, and $150250one other; early 20th century. (3). 156 Total weight: 5.5gms.ARONSON of Melbourne 9ct yellow161 $150200 gold square form locket with engravedW.H. FLETCHER (Launceston, decoration, late 19th century, Tasmania), rare pair of Australian silver165stamped 9 with pictorial marks, cufflinks, circa 1915. A superb 9ct white gold cigar3cm high, 7.9 grams total Fletcher operated at the Quadrant offor cigarette box,$600800St. John Street from 1912-1920. cedar lined,$250350marked J.M.D. WHITE GOLD 9ct157 total weight 425gms,WILLIS & SONS of Melbourne Lily Of162 4cm high, 18cm wide, 11.5cm deep.The Valley brooch, 9ct yellow gold setAn antique circular brooch, 9ct$8,00010,000with seed pearls, early 20th century, yellow gold, most likely by ROBERT stamped 9.W. with pictorial mark, ROLLASON, early 20th century, 1664.5cm wide, 2.8 grams 2.5cm diameter, 1.2 grams MUSIC AWARDS, ETC: a 9ct gold $300400$150250fob (6.7gms) engraved Winners Carnival Contest 1922 L.Heaps; 158 163 a 9ct gold fob (8.3gms) engraved Swan Hill 1932 and verso SWAN WILLIAM DRUMMOND & CO.CATANACHS pair of natural pearlHILL BAND CONTEST Pres. by CR. Wesley College cufflinks, 9ct roseand gold studs in original CatanachsH. PYE, J.P. to LES HEAPS Winning gold and enamel, early 20th century. branded box, circa 1900, Band Master. Also, a 15ct gold award $300500 the box 5.5cm wide (3.5gms) engraved verso SWAN HILL $120200HOSPITAL FETE D Grade Contest 1933 159 : Selection Waltz won BY SUNRAYSIA BAND Conductor L.A. HEAP; and a Three different 9ct gold fobs (5.8gms),9ct gold brooch (3.4gms) featuring a each incorporating an Australian coat- lyre decorated with 6 pearls and a ruby. of-arms; one with the Australian military(4 items).rising sun above the shield. (3). $500750 $150200 '