b'1701077ARTHUR MERRIC BLOOMFIELD BOYD (19201999),White Jointed Figures,etching,editioned 9/25,signed lower right Arthur Boyd,34 x 41cm$4006001078JOHN SAMUEL LOXTON (19031969),Sails in the evening,watercolour,signed lower right John S. Loxton,64 x 98cm$1,0001,5001080 1079JOHN SAMUEL LOXTON (19031969),Rhododendrons,oil on canvas,signed lower right John S. Loxton,76 x 60cm$1,0001,5001080JOHN SAMUEL LOXTON (19031969),Grey day on the Thames,watercolour,signed lower right John S. Loxton,50 x 68cm$8001,20010781081JOHN SAMUEL LOXTON (19031969),Harrowing, (Dunkeld, Victoria),oil on board,signed lower right John S. Loxton,39 x 49cm$1,0001,5001082JOHN SAMUEL LOXTON (19031969),Towards the Nut (Stanley northwest Tasmania),watercolour,signed lower right John S. Loxton,50 x 69cm$600800 1081'