b'1143THE CONVICT ERA 40A convict ball and chain with riveted leg shackles, early 39 19th century,EARLY SETTLERS & EX-CONVICTS108cm long, AT WINDSOR, NEW SOUTH WALES: ball diameter 12cmA letter, dated 27th November 1835,$1,6002,000written at the request of SAMUEL TERRY (convicted of the theft of 40041pairs of stockings and sentencedFour man ganging chain with handcuffs, to transportation for seven years in19th century,1800) from his office in Pitt Street,100cm wideto EDWARD WILLIAM ALEXANDER ROBINSON, son of EDWARD$1,2001,500 43ROBINSON (charged with 14 countsTOP IRONS used as extra punishment of stealing; sentenced to hang, but42 over conventional leg irons hence the reprieved to transportation for life inH.M. PRISON PENTRIDGE originalterm double ironed, 19th century,1789). Terry, who had prospered in84cm widemain gate key, circa 1853,the colony, even before receiving hishoused in a framed display with$1,5002,500pardon, is now owner of the land ataccompanying handcuffs and Windsor known as Robinsons Farmdocumentation,and is giving permission for youngsigned by the last governor44Edward to Take possession of theof the prison in 1997, Antique leg irons, blacksmith made farm.turn it to graze any stock orthe key 13cm long,non-standard, early 19th century,cattle that belongs to yourself. the frame 68 x 87cm overall 62cm wide$200300$1,0001,500$1,0001,50044'