b'142949948ARY SCHEFFER (DUTCH, 17951858),The Soldiers Widow,watercolour on paper laid down on card, 1822,20 x 15cm,$300500 949JOSEPH LYCETT (17741828),Beaumonts Lake, Van Diemens Land,hand coloured aquatint from Views in Australia or New South Wales and Van Diemens Land DelineatedPublished London J. Souter, 1825,23 x 33cm.$300500950TASMANIAN TIGER (thylacine) The Zebra Or Dog-Faced Dasyurus,Didelphis Cynocephala, Harris coloured engraving plate from GEORGE CUVIERS Animal Kingdom, [published by G.B. Whitaker, London, June 1825]. NOTE: This is the first published full size figural plate of a thylacine. Rare.25 x 15cm, frame 34 x 24cm overall$250350950'