b'62444 452POKERWORK: kookaburra-designSUNSHINE ELECTRIX mottled brown vase, crumb tray & brush, koala-designglazed electric kettle with rare ceramic circular breadboard, plus a doyley pressinsert, circa 1920,with a floral decoration and an extra23cm high, 24cm widewooden brush; early 20th century.$150250 (6 items)$160200453EARLY KOOKA Victory Meters 445 vintage cast iron and enamel Australian Victorian Coat of Arms architecturalstove door, circa 1930,cast iron plaque, 53cm high,39 x 42cmearly 20th century. $100200 $200300 454446 Five assorted Australiana tea caddy ADVERTISING: A Swallow & Ariellspoons, early to mid 20th century,Ltd point-of-sale metal-backedthe largest 6cm high (5)advertisement featuring a Samoan$100200 Chief surrounded by details of the companys products; printed by455455 F.W. Niven and with a plastic cover,A cast metal kookaburra statue, circa 1920s; overall 26.5 x 21.5cm. early 20th century,439 $10020010cm highEDUCATION DEPARTMENT VICTORIA:$100200Swimming and Life Saving Medallion447by Stokes (Melbourne) in silver platedPokerwork floral vase, pair of mulga456copper, awarded to Edward Guy 1930- wood urns, condiment set, and a pair ofA pair of Australiana kangaroo 31 (engraved on rim), weight 70 grams wood ware vases, early 20th, (6 items), bookends, cast brass, $6080the largest 20.5cm high early 20th century,$10020015cm high, 16cm wide (2)440 $150250 Royal Agricultural Society of NSW,448 457members badges and fobs, with itemsALCOHOL ADVERTISING: A pair of kangaroo statues, cast metal for 1930 to 1940 plus various RoyalJoshuas SPECIAL WHISKY in Amberwith chrome finish, early 20th century,National Association badges and fobsBottles only. Made in Australia12.5cm high, 14cm wide (2)between 1926 to 1965 and one later.boomerang shaped cardboard give-An attractive range. (29) away, circa 1920s; also, a 1938 Collins$200300 $200300Midget Diary with blue leather covers overprinted for Arnold Brothers458441 A.B. Med. Wine Tonic. (2 items). Two kookaburra ashtrays, silver plate SYDNEY UNIVERSITY: enamel fobs &$60100and chrome, early to mid 20th century,badges for Sydney University Unionthe larger 10cm high, 12cm wide (2)1921-22, 1922-23, 1923-24 & 1924- 449 $150250 25; S.U.S.U. 1923-24 and 1930-31;Australian pokerwork candlestick, three S.U.W.U. 1930 badge and S.U.P.A.vases (one with fairy wren), and a nut Life Member badge. A scarce group.bowl with cracker, early 20th century,(8 items). the largest 30cm high (6)$200300$120200 442 450BADGES & FOBS: A range includingThree Noritake kangaroo patterned Newmarket Racing Club 1947-48,Japanese porcelain bowls, King Island Soldiers & Citizens Club,mid 20th century,Ulverstone Football Club, Souththe largest 19cm diameter (3)Australia Agricultural Society JUDGE,$100200 Melbourne Cricket Club, etc. (17)$150250451443 FLORA LANDELLS hand-painted porcelain bowl with gum blossoms,POST OFFICE: PMGs DEPARTMENTsigned F. Landells, Red Gum, ENGINEERING BRANCH fob with theW. Aus.,messenger Hermes on the front and17cm wideregistration details (VIC. 1780) verso;$100200 also, a POST MASTER GENERALS DEPARTMENT jacket button by A.J. Parkes of Brisbane. (2)$80120461'