b'23119WILLIS & SONS (attributed) antique double sided photo locket brooch, 9ct gold and seed pearl, Melbourne, Victorian origin, late 19th century,4cm wide$200300 120 125An antique fob seal, rock crystal set in gold cased metal, circa 1860,2.5cm high$250350 121 122A ladys antique 9ct gold bangle with engraved decoration, late 19th century,7cm wide, 6.6 grams total.Housed in plush velvet box branded J.M. WENDT, ADELAIDE,$400600 122An antique 15ct gold photo portrait108pendant set with seed pearls, late 19th century,4.2cm high$350450123WILLIS & SONS 9ct rose gold curb link bracelet with heart lock, late 19th century,$8001,200 124 107ARONSON & Co of Melbourne antique 9ct gold bar brooch set with green stones, late 19th century; together with a WILLIS & SONS 9ct gold bar brooch set with a red stone, 19th century,4.5cm wide, 5 grams total (2)$300500 125WILLIS & SONS impressive 15ct yellow gold necklace adorned with aquamarines and seed pearls, circa 1910,stamped 15.W with pictorial mark, clasp also stamped 15, 11545cm long, 9.7 grams$1,2001,500'