b'45276273 275 277KLYTIE PATE pottery vaseKLYTIE PATE impressive pottery fruitKLYTIE PATE pottery tea set with green glaze waxed decoration, bowl with sgraffito decoration and bluecomprising a teapot, milk jug and incised Klytie Pate, and mauve speckled glaze, sugar bowl and six cups and saucers, 22cm high incised Klytie Pate, (15 items),$600800 11.5cm high, 29cm diameter incised Klytie Pate,$2,0003,000 the teapot 19cm high, 23cm wide274 $2,0003,000KLYTIE PATE coffee cup and saucer276with seahorse handle, KLYTIE PATE pottery bowl with277Aincised Klytie Pate, waving foliate sgraffito decorationKLYTIE PATE pottery decanter with the saucer 10cm diameter (2) with green and mauve speckled glaze, unusual mottled green and brown glaze,$250350incised Klytie Pate, incised "Klytie Pate",11.5cm high, 16.5cm diameter 31cm high$1,0001,500 $400600 275'