b'59371 372CONVICT ERA 3721839 (Oct.26) SERVANTS RETURN PASS for ABRAHAM 370 PLUMMER: issued by Police Office George Town, allowing Plummer to travel to Kelso Bay (opposite side of Tamar CONVICT LEG IRONS, 19th century, Estuary), and return by the end of the following day, 78cm long countersigned on October 27th 1839. A physical description $1,2001,500 of the prisoner, is provided in manuscript on reverse: 21 years old, fresh complexion, a carpenter who had arrived aboard the 371 John (in December 1833) on a sentence of 14 years for an undisclosed crime.A TRAVEL PASS ISSUED TO THOMAS FOX IN MARCH 1841:$500750Fox had arrived in New South Wales in September 1839, one of 240 convicts transported on the Parkfield; he had received a sentence of 7 years at the Kent Assizes. This travel pass, issued to Fox at Blackheath, permitted him to travel; out of irons to Yass to obtain his ticket of leave.Fox, 24 at the time of his conviction, could read and write; Protestant, single, native of Norwich, a shoemaker, convicted for stealing a shawl at Kent Assizes 11 Mar 1839; he had previous convictions of 7 years and 2 months.$300500370'