b'98616 617AUSTRALIAN FEDERATION - January 1st, 1901 An antique Australian blackwood highchair, Victorian origin, three-piece parlour suite with carved giltwood frame, 19th century,the settee 101cm across the arms. 100cm highThe suite was an important part of the furnishings for the$60100 Federation Pavilion. The Pavilion was a temporary structure erected in Centennial Park, Sydney, for use in the celebrations618marking the Federation of Australia on 1 January 1901. It wasAn antique Australian blackwood pedestal with fluted column, used to swear in the members of the first Federal Executivecirca 1900,Council, including Australias first Governor-General, Lord94cm high, 29cm diameterHopetoun, and first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton. Although it is no longer standing, the Pavilion appears in the clear panel$400600of the Australian five-dollar note since 2016, when the new Next Generation Banknote series went into circulation. (3) 619$3,0005,000 An Australian blackwood pedestal with reeded column, early 20th century,102cm high, 31cm wide, 30cm deep$300500 620An Australian blackwood pedestal with fluted and turned column, early 20th century,90cm high, 29cm wide, 29cm deep$300500 618'