b'1621113 11141113 1117MARTIN SHARP (1942-2013), MARTIN SHARP (1942-2013),Kaspar (Nimrod series), The Venetian Twins (Nimrod series),silkscreen 873/1000, silkscreen 873/1000,signed lower right, signed lower right,63 x 47cm, 87 x 62cm overall 109 x 75cm, 110 x 84cm overall$400600 $500800 1114 1118MARTIN SHARP (1942-2013), POLITICAL POSTER: Im Still A Yellowcake Kid,Sideshow In Burlesco (Nimrod series), 1978 colour screenprint, signed Without Authority and silkscreen 873/1000, dated in image lower right,signed lower right, 69 x 51cm.107 x 45cm, 122 x 55cm overall Text includes Max Mutant, real estate executive. One of $600800 the best things about Yellowcake is the plutoniumit has a half-life of 24,000 years! And thats great value! Yellowcake. 1115 Concentrated plutonium. Liberals. Frazer Inc., Parliament MARTIN SHARP (1942-2013), House, ACT.Mo Nimrod, $300500 silkscreen 873/1000, 1119signed lower right,88 x 45cm, 105 x 61cm overall PETER CLARKE (b.1935),$6001,000 Selected Works 1957-79 RMIT Gallery,1116 silkscreen poster, 1979,57 x 76cm.MARTIN SHARP (1942-2013), $150250 Kold Komfort Kaffee (Nimrod series),silkscreen 873/1000,signed lower right,101 x 48cm, 115 x 58cm overall$400600'