b'70452461464459452 456 460PHILLIPSON & Co. of MelbourneAn antique Colonial yellow gold broochA large antique English sterling silver Colonial yellow gold oval brooch withset with green stones and pearls, mostlocket with engraved fern motif, leaf decoration and green stone,likely Sydney origin, 19th century, circa 1882,19th century, rare. housed in a plush box branded6cm high overall,Tests as 18th gold or higher, PRICE Co. Ltd. Sydney, $300500 stamped P.P. & Co., 4cm wide, 16.5 grams total3.5cm wide, 6 grams $8001,000461$1,2002,000 WILLIS & SONS of Melbourne fine 457 antique 15ct yellow gold bangle 453 WENDT Colonial brooch, yellow goldencrusted with sapphires and seed A fine antique mourning fob chain,and enamel with seed pod, pearls, late 19th century,woven hair with engraved 15ct goldstamped Wendt, 9ct, stamped 15 flanked by pictorial mounts 19th century, 3cm wide makers marks,32cm long $6008006.4cm wide, 10.5 grams total$400600$1,0001,500458454 An antique Colonial Australian silver462F.A. FLINT antique Australian 15ct goldAlbert fob chain, 19th century, Antique silver cased full hunter pocket stud set encrusted with blue sapphiresstamped STG., watch with enamel dial marked in original banded plush fitted box44cm long, 44 grams GUNTERS, MELBOURNE, Made In marked F.A. FLINT 116 Liverpool$350450England, with watch key stamped Street, HOBART, 19th century, A.W. BENNETT of SALE, together with stamped A.F. FLINT 15ct, 459 a sterling silver fob chain, 19th century,the box 6.5cm wide $150250 $300500ARONSON & Co. Melbourne crown and sword bar brooch, 9ct gold and seed pearls with red stones, 19th century, 463455 stamped 9 with pictorial makersAn antique Australian yellow gold HENRY YOUNG antique rose goldmarks, brooch set with red jasper ore Albert fob chain, 19th century, rare, 7.5cm wide, 4.5 grams specimen, Queensland origin, stamped H. YOUNG, $250350 late 19th century,37cm long, 19.6 grams 4.5cm wide$600800$250350 '