b'105654 Socialists and was thwarted in his plans to set up his own SCHULIM KRIMPER (1893-1971), business. He was married in 1938 in Berlin and by August The cloakroom counter commissioned for the MAASof that year, was employed in the joinery of a training centre CABERET in High Street, St. Kilda, circa 1955. for Jews who wished to emigrate. In November 1938 the 96cm high, 170cm wide, 46cm deep. Krimpers were granted permission to emigrate to Australia. En (together with a small range of Maas Cabaret brandedroute they spent six months in England where Schulim helped porcelain). to supervise the building of a refugee camp. They arrived in Melbourne on 17 August 1939. Krimper was naturalized in [See photographs at www.leski.com.au] 1945. When post-war Austrian-Jewish immigrant, Robert MaasDuring the 1950s and 1960s Krimper was Melbournes and his wife decided they were going to open a cabaret inpremier supplier of custom-made furniture in the modern Melbourne, they decided to convert their Victory Cafe, instyle. His ability to reveal the beauties of his timbers was High Street, St. Kilda, into the nightclub of their dreams.legendary, as was the finesse of construction of his furniture. How fortunate, that just two doors away, in High Street, theirHis artistry was first acknowledged when the National Gallery neighbour was Schulim Krimper. All the furniture for the Maasof Victoria acquired two of his cabinets in 1948. Thereafter Cabaret was commissioned from Krimper. [A single chairthere was an important exhibition at Georges Gallery in 1951 was sold at auction in Melbourne in June 2020 for $1950.].and another at the Rockefeller Centre, New York, in 1956. A Krimpers work for commercial clients is rarely seen. retrospective exhibition followed at the N.G.V. in 1959 and a Krimper had been born in Bukovina, in Austro-Hungary,memorial exhibition in 1975. His work is also represented in youngest of five children of Rabbi Jacob Wolf Neutuch.the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, the art galleries Orphaned at the age of 9, Schulim lived with his eldestof Queensland and South Australia, and the Powerhouse married sister for three years before being apprenticed to aMuseum, Sydney.local cabinet-maker. He completed his articles and remainedPROVENANCEwith his master until the outbreak of World War I, in whichHenry Maas, hat-check boy at the Maas cabaret, founding he served with the Austro-Hungarian artillery. After the warmember and lead singer of The Bachelors From Prague Krimper travelled through central Europe, working in Praguejazz band, creator of the iconic Black Cat Cafe in Brunswick and Vienna. In the early 1920s he settled in Berlin. As a Jew,Street, and visual artist.he suffered during the rise to power of Hitler and the National $1,0002,000 653'