b'137920926 928SHIPS - MV/HMS KANIMBLA: commemorative screen print onZLOTO Australian Comforts Fund, DRAUGHTSMEN set in fabric, dedicated to the ship known asThe Great Grey Raider,original box; together with a Motor Traffic Act, 1909, And with a central image of the ship and a list of ships capturedRegulations 1927 edition; a lemonade bottle stamped F. & beneath; framed & glazed, overall 60x57cm, c. late 1940s. E. THOMAS Ltd. INVERELL, plus 8 assorted military patches, $200300the bottle 22.5cm high (11)$100200 927Scallop shell trench art ashtray, the clasps and base fashioned from a WWI artillery shell case,7.5cm high, 15cm wide$60100 '