b'36240P.P.P (PREMIER POTTERY PRESTON) impressive cylindrical pottery vase with dribble glaze,stamped P.P.P,26cm high$8001,200241P.P.P. (PREMIER POTTERY PRESTON) cylindrical form vase with dribble glaze,stamped P.P.P.,17cm high$400600242P.P.P. (PREMIER POTTERY PRESTON) baluster shaped pottery vase, yellow ground with blue, pink and green glaze,stamped P.P.P.,21.5cm high$400600 243P.P.P. (PREMIER POTTERY PRESTON) 248 multi-stemmed flower vase with pink and yellow glaze,stamped P.P.P.,18.5cm high$400600244P.P.P. (PREMIER POTTERY PRESTON) rare chamber stick candle holder,stamped P.P.P.,13.5cm high$250350 240 241'